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Introducing Urban Air Mobility

At Flight Crowd we want to spark excitement in young people about Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and create a bridge between the experts and enthusiasts of the industry. 


Our outreach project ‘UAM — Explore’ introduces school students to UAM by putting the emerging industry into a realistic context. Our artistic impressions provide an image where all future breeds of mobility work together and integrate with the modern world.


The activity also includes a quiz for students to explore the different career paths within this new industry that they can take. We believe that in UAM there is a place for people from all backgrounds and interests. Here you can also find interviews from industry professionals, sharing their experience and advice.


We are always open to collaboration and would love to hear your ideas on how we can collaborate or feedback on this project #UAMexplore. If you would like our STEM Ambassadors to support your students, please get in touch!


UAM vehicles in action:

Illustrations: @matt.tam.creations for Flight Crowd

Vehicles depicted left to right: Vertical Aerospace, Volocopter, Joby Aviation, EHang

To see where you can make an impact in the world of Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

take a look at our

‘UAM — Explore’ Career Paths Quiz

Cloud 2.PNG


To read about the passion that drives Urban Air Mobility take a look at our article,

‘Why Be Passionate About UAM/AAM?'

Here is what industry professionals have to say about these career paths:

If you want to learn more, email us at!

If you work in the UAM ecosystem and would like for your story to be shared here to inspire future generations of professionals in UAM - please complete this survey!

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