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Naveed Kapadia



Managing Director, INQUISITIF Ltd

Career Path(s):

- Advertising, Management & Business

- Engineering, Science & Technology

- Regulations

​Describe your usual work environment:

Flexible Remote Working.

Please provide a brief description of your job:​


I have an extensive experience of leading departments in a large international matrix organisation; and am a trusted people leader of diverse, inclusive and multidisciplinary teams. I am skilled in regulatory compliance and flight crew training methodologies. I am  capable of conducting meaningful research and development across wider spectrum of sustainable aviation and regional air mobility.


​What made you decide to pursue your chosen career path?​

Self-fulfilment, ability to utilise knowledge, skills and expertise.

What are the three key skills that are required for your job?


Adaptability, Empathy, Technical know-how.

What would you say is the biggest misconception about your job?​


May be seen as not needed in the short term. However, when an undesired event occurs root cause analysis suggests otherwise, prompting a more proactive approach.


​What advice would you give to a school student who is interested in pursuing a career similar to yours?​


Be ready to adapt and change course. Nothing is set in stone. It’s ok to learn new things and assess how closely they match your innate values and work ethics.


As you gain experience, you will grow as a person and therefore may have other aspirations from when you were young. Be agile, be ready to act and work hard while remaining humble. Never be afraid to ask for help and guidance. There are plenty of great people who genuinely want to help. When things get tough, notice how you feel and learn to manage such feelings and emotions.


​If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?​


Be kind. 

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Naveed Kapadia

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