Flight Crowd provides our community with the tools to shape the future of UAM, connect with the industry and showcase their work. Our platform enables the ideas and achievements of individuals to be shared, recognised and celebrated. 

We wish to encourage people to interact with the UAM ecosystem and highlight the importance of incorporating the end-users in the development of Urban Air Mobility.

Through various channels and social media platforms, we communicate with a variety of audiences to share industry updates and opportunities.

We are always open to collaboration and would love to hear your ideas and feedback on how to improve so get in touch!


We want to celebrate the amazing community of Flight Crowd and Urban Air Mobility, and give everyone a chance to shine.


Each month we will honour an individual or team who has achieved something in UAM and share their work. This can be someone of any background, age or career path.

To nominate someone to be a ‘UAM High-Flyer’, fill out this form!

Nominations close on the third Monday of each month, with the new #highflyer to be announced monthly in the last week.

Flight Crowd is proud to collaborate with Varon Vehicles on the Urban Air Mobility Names Challenge, an open call for anyone to propose the best new names for the key elements of UAM ecosystem.

The challenge is to propose the best names for generalized and long-lasting use by the industry and the public.


You can already submit your ideas for 1. The new name for UAM Aircraft and 2. The new name for the UAM aircraft's on-board Operators. Let's shape the future of UAM together! What are you waiting for?

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