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Why Be Passionate About UAM?


At the root of any technological advancement, there is passion. Whether there is a problem to be solved, a desire to increase efficiency or quality of life, passion is the core element for evolution in industries. Without this crucial emotion, industries would come to a stop.

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), including Urban Air Mobility (UAM), has the potential to bring about many important benefits, the key ones being:

  • Environmental: UAM vehicles will be mainly powered by electric batteries, which unlike most current transport do not release harmful pollutants. Therefore, provided that the entire UAM supply chain is sustainable, this transportation solution is set to offer eco-friendly mobility.

  • Economic: Faster and more efficient travel will allow less time to be wasted on commutes and deliveries, meaning less money will be lost by businesses and economies.

  • Social: Introducing accessible UAM will enable people to have more flexibility with their time and travel methods, whilst better connecting cities, regions and communities.

Personally, what attracted me to UAM were the further implications of these benefits, which are rarely thoroughly discussed. The implications mainly stem from the way in which UAM would interact with cities and towns, as well as other parts of the transportation ecosystem. The increase in flexibility enables people to spend more time with their family, friends or hobbies, whilst not having to sacrifice work productivity, leading to a significantly improved work-life balance.

Gary Cutts, Future Flight Challenge Director, comments on his passion for UAM

as part of Flight Crowd's professionals survey.

Faster travel options would allow people to take more job opportunities without requiring relocation, thus improving career prospects. The UAM ecosystem itself will also create many job opportunities for people from all levels of experience and educational backgrounds.

Alongside the more eco-friendly surroundings, these factors give UAM the potential to remove multiple sources of stress in people’s lives and improve the community’s wellbeing.

Felipe Varon, CEO of Varon Vehicles, comments on his passion for UAM

as part of Flight Crowd's professionals survey.

The emerging Future Flight industry is a unique opportunity to embrace creativity and innovation at every stage of the product life cycle. Due to decades of refinement of traditional commercial aircraft, their architectures contain many similarities. However, there is currently no convention about how a UAM vehicle is supposed to look, allowing us to create and explore new design architectures.

So far, over 400 different eVTOL designs have been registered (eVTOL Aircraft Directory, 2021). The fast pace of the UAM industry is exciting, where every day you can achieve or learn something new and valuable.

James Richmond, Advanced Air Mobility Lead at Atkins, comments on reasons for working in UAM as part of Flight Crowd's professionals survey.

Gary Cutts, Future Flight Challenge Director, comments on reasons for working in UAM as part of Flight Crowd's professionals survey.

At Flight Crowd, we are united by passion for helping people, educating and inspiring future professionals. We are also proud to have creativity and excitement for innovative technology driving our projects, events and industry engagements. The enthusiasm of the incredible UAM community is addictive, and it is thrilling to be a part of this journey.

To see where you can make an impact in the world of UAM and read about some of the inspirational people that are already working in this industry, have a look at our recent ‘UAM - Explore’ STE(A)M outreach project!

'UAM - Explore' is Flight Crowd's STE(A)M outreach project aimed at inspiring school children to consider careers in Urban Air Mobility.

Let us know what you think! Complete this short survey to share your thoughts and passion for UAM to inspire others!

Email us at for further details on how you can collaborate with Flight Crowd on our journey of making UAM/AAM a global success!


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