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At Flight Crowd we aim to introduce and inform the public about Urban Air Mobility (UAM), creating a bridge between experts and enthusiasts of the industry. 

Our literary pieces, FC Explains articles and the UAM Glossary, were created to widen people’s understanding and enhance their knowledge of the larger UAM ecosystem. We wish to provoke discussion while highlighting the potential benefits UAM can bring upon mass-scale implementation. 

Professionals and enthusiasts of all ages can engage with our growing variety of projects and activities, further developing knowledge and excitement for the industry. 

This proves to be a collaborative effort with industry professionals for open communication with the public audience, to better express and provide current industry developments.

We are always open to collaboration and would love to hear your ideas and feedback on how to improve so get in touch!

FC Explains is a collection of thought pieces each around a specific Urban Air Mobility topic such as Design, Sustainability or Infrastructure.


Our goal is to choose an aspect of UAM and explain it in a simple and easily digestible way.

We will be releasing more posts regularly, so follow our socials to catch the latest one!

Also, let us know if you want to contribute a piece!

Have you ever felt a little lost in all the terminology of the Urban Air Mobility industry? Flight Crowd is here to help!

Our UAM Glossary contains a range of key terms and definitions from the language of this emerging industry, made simple for everyone to understand.

This is a collaborative effort from many industry experts. We will be updating it regularly, so check back later to see what’s new!

If you have suggestions of changes or new terms to be added, or you want to contribute to the project, please email us.

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