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Interested in opportunities within Urban Air Mobility? Our outreach projects introduce the community to the UAM ecosystem, encourage them to share their ideas, and inspire the future workforce. Here you can:


  • Learn about and explore the potential career paths within future aerial mobility, regardless of your interests or background.

  • Reach out if you would like us to speak at your school, society, or organisation.

  • Contact us if you want any advice or support.


Start your journey in UAM here! 


We are always open to collaboration and would love to hear your ideas and feedback on how to improve, so get in touch!

Our outreach project ‘UAM — Explore introduces school students to UAM by putting the emerging industry into a realistic context.


Our artistic impressions provide an image where all future breeds of mobility work together and integrate with the modern world.

The activity also includes a quiz for students to explore the different career paths within this new industry that they can take. We believe that in UAM there is a place for people from all backgrounds and interests.


Here you can also find interviews from industry professionals, sharing their experience and advice.


What is Urban Air Mobility (UAM)? How can you be a part of it? Get Flight Crowd to come present at your school, university, society, or club to learn the answers to these questions!


Flight Crowd exists to spark excitement and introduce the young community to UAM and one way we are achieving this is through our series of interactive presentations: ‘Future Flight & Me’!

Reach out to us, so we can create and deliver a resource, activity, or event that will be most suitable to your audience!

Flight Crowd is now offering a variety of work experience opportunities for our community!

Open to anyone over 16 to apply for positions within:


  • Social media

  • Industry & Market Research

  • Graphic Design & Creative Visuals

  • Business & Marketing

  • Technology & Engineering (Research & Insights)

  • Outreach

  • Data Analytics

  • Project management


Get involved with the Urban Air Mobility ecosystem and help us grow the wider public interest in the mobility industry.


Start your journey in UAM with the Flight Crowd Experience!

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