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Fully Charged LIVE — Part II

This spring Flight Crowd were invited to curate the Future of Flight Zone at Fully Charged LIVE UK 2022 show, which took place in Farnborough (29th Apr - 1st May 2022). With over 23 thousand visitors who attended the long weekend, Fully Charged LIVE is the world’s biggest electric vehicle and clean energy show.

To give the public a flavour of the future of flight, our zone offered an immersive and interactive experience of air mobility brought by some of our industry partners. The zone showcased a number of exciting developments in the air mobility ecosystem. The Flight Crowd team also delivered a range of activities to support the community's journey in learning about and shaping the future of flight.

You can read our press release for the event here.

To read about the event overview, our exhibitors and panel discussions, take a look at Part I of this article.


To better understand our community, we conducted a survey asking the public about their perception of the future of flight.

Before visiting our stand, 69% survey-takers knew very little or nothing about future flight and wanted to learn more. This highlights the importance of Flight Crowd’s presence, providing thousands of people their first insight into the future of air mobility. We were very pleased to see that 72% of respondents see themselves as either the end users or the future industry workforce. While the large majority were very optimistic about the advantages Urban Air Mobility (UAM) will bring, 31% of the respondents were hesitant about their involvement with the industry. The key concerns from the public included cost, noise and accessibility. Overall, it is clear that the public wants to be involved in industry discussions and development, and Flight Crowd is actively working towards addressing this.

Some further responses are included in the infographics below:

Our Stand

In addition to curating the Future of Flight Zone at Fully Charged LIVE 2022, we aimed to help individuals explore various opportunities within aerial mobility. To engage with people from all backgrounds, ages and needs, our team delivered a variety of interactive activities. We provided a general industry overview, market forecast, UAM career advice and STEM outreach initiatives. Our stand was used to showcase the amazing work created by our community, empowering people to shape the future of flight.

Mood Board

Throughout the weekend, many visitors of a wide variety of age groups participated in our interactive mood board, where they responded to the question, ‘How do you feel about the future of flight?’. We received some fantastic responses including sketches, comments, and concerns about the industry.

‘It will be a chance to see more on my travels.’
‘Our planet needs net-zero CO2 travel now!’
‘Excited for all the possibilities!’

The young community members were especially involved and were very passionate about eco-friendly air mobility. They shared their ideas for firefighting aircraft, control systems and rocket launch systems, as well as concerns regarding ears popping and how to avoid falling out of the aircraft windows.

You can read further comments and ideas from our mood board in the photos below:

Video Collage

To provide the public with a deeper understanding of developments within the future of flight ecosystem taking place across the globe we created a video collage, which continuously ran at our stand. This also showcased our various outreach initiatives such as our UAM Recycle Challenge, workshop with the National Saturday Club, and more! You can view this video collage here:

A huge thank you to the organisations and individuals who contributed their videos:

Final Thoughts

It was an honour to share our passion and excitement for the Future of Flight with the community. We were overjoyed to engage with and receive support from thousands of people of diverse interests, ambitions and age groups.

All photos in the article are courtesy of Flight Crowd

A big thank you to the Fully Charged team for inviting us and providing a platform for Flight Crowd to showcase this exciting industry to the UK public! Lookout for their future events, podcasts and insights here:

You can also explore Flight Crowd’s upcoming events here - come and say hi to us!

If you want to get involved or collaborate with us, get in touch!


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