• London EV Show
    Tue, 14 Dec
    14 Dec, 09:00 – 16 Dec, 13:00
    London, Business Design Centre, London N1 0RH, UK
    The London EV Show is the industry's can't-miss event which will focus on addressing the competitive landscape of the global EV market, opportunities and potential challenges of EV development. Flight Crowd's Co-Founder Mariya Tarabanovska will present on the topic of Electric Flight.
  • eVTOL Insights: London Conference 2022
    12 Jan 2022, 09:30 – 16:00
    London, 45 Prescot St, London E1 8GP, UK
    eVTOL Insights has organised its first industry conference in London for the global electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) market. The event will feature speakers from some of the biggest companies in the eVTOL aircraft and urban air mobility markets.


  • Flight Edge: 1° Congreso Argentino de Movilidad Aérea Avanzada
    Flight Edge presents for the first time in Argentina, a professional meeting on Urban and Advanced Air Mobility - 1st Argentine Congress of Advanced Air Mobility. Meet professionals from Flight Crowd, Varon Vehicles, Valencia Polytechnic University, Argentinian Secretary of Climate Change and more!
  • Lufthansa Systems: How can the public be won over to the new transport mode?
    In this 6th event of the “Let's talk about the future” Lufthansa Systems webinar series, the webinar will look at lessons learned & best practices from different players from different cultures and discuss what needs to be considered to increase public acceptance of UAM.
  • RAeS: Careers in Aerospace & Aviation LIVE 2021
    03 Nov, 10:00 – 16:00 GMT
    Via dedicated online platform
    Flight Crowd is honoured to support the RAeS Careers in Aerospace & Aviation representing the UAM community and share our projects with the young talented individuals! Register now (for FREE!) and be part of one of the world’s only recruitment event dedicated to the whole aerospace community.
  • RAeS: Flight Simulation Conference
    26 Oct, 09:00 – 27 Oct, 17:00
    London, 4 Hamilton Pl, London W1J 7BQ, UK
    Hosted by the Royal Aeronautical Society's (RAeS) Flight Simulation Specialist Group, this conference will provide a critical examination of the latest challenges and developments in flight simulation. Flight Crowd is looking forward to present on the topic of ED&I in the future workforce and more!
  • AIRTAXI World Congress
    12 Oct, 08:00 – 14 Oct, 16:00
    Terminal 4, Hounslow TW6 3AF, UK
    AIRTAXI World Congress will be the world's 1st vertical air show, bringing the eVTOL industry together to share best practice and network in person. Flight Crowd is excited to support this event that will combine elements of in-person summit, live drone demonstrations, exhibition, networking + more
  • IET: Sustainability in Aerospace - The Sky Ahead Seminar
    09 Sept, 14:00 – 16:00
    Online Seminar with Networking opportunitie
    The Sky Ahead will take a retrospective/future outlook at the innovations in Aerospace/Aviation that have set the course for a sustainable future. Our Co-Founder Mariya Tarabanovska will introduce participants to the world of air mobility and will stay around for networking to engage with attendees
  • Fully Charged LIVE 2021
    03 Sept, 10:00 – 05 Sept, 17:00
    Farnborough, Business Aviation Centre, Farnborough GU14 6XA, UK
    Fully Charged Outside 2021 will offer an exhilarating long weekend of electric vehicles & clean energy! Our Co-Founder Mariya Tarabanovska will be a part of 'When will Electric Flight come into land?' panel discussion on 4th September at 4pm BST - hope to see you there!
  • Aeropodium: A vision for the future
    29 Jul, 03:00
    Online event
    Further to the success of the previous events, the 5th UAM/AAM virtual conference will explore the latest developments in the sector of Urban and Advanced Air Mobility and new business opportunities. Flight Crowd is excited to support this unique opportunity again.
  • Revolution.aero Global 2021
    29 Jun, 10:00 – 01 Jul, 18:00
    Online event
    Revolution.Aero is where people shaping the future of flight come together to learn and meet. Start-ups mix with existing aviation giants. Investors talk with regulators. Tech experts swap ideas with aviation veterans. Everyone leaves inspired and excited.
  • Aeropodium: The Business of UAM - A Global Ecosystem
    Building on the previous events' success, Flight Crowd was excited to support the Aeropodium's 4th UAM/AAM virtual conference. It explored the latest developments in the sector of Urban Air Mobility and Advanced Air Mobility and new business opportunities.
  • South West STEM Fest 2021
    14 Jun, 09:30
    Online Event
    Flight Crowd was honoured to contribute to this year's South West STEM Fest and run an interactive presentation and workshop, all to show the applications and benefits of Urban Air Mobility and engage the community in this discussion. We held a session 'Are ‘air-taxis’ only real in movies?'
  • Women in Advanced Air Mobility: Big ideas to build a new industry
    Wisk Aero, Women and Drones, and the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium in collaboration with 20 other organizations including Flight Crowd, hosted an online conversation around how to build the most inclusive, responsible, and successful Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry possible.
  • CIVATAglobal: Aligning global best practices in community engagement
    We were delighted to contribute to the most recent CIVATAglobal series of webinars 'European Local Authorities and the UAM Challenge', 4th episode on 'Aligning global best practices in community engagement'.
  • eVTOL Insights' Final Friday
    30 Apr, 16:00
    Virtual Networking Event
    April's eVTOL Insights Final Friday virtual networking event included industry presenters. It started off with 30 min of networking before two 15-min presentations and then a final 30 min of networking to finish. Flight Crowd presented alongside Darrell Swanson.
  • Aeropodium: UAM -  Challenges, Risks and Opportunities
    Further to the success of the previous events, Flight Crowd was proud to support the 3rd UAM virtual conference by the Aeropodium exploring the latest developments in the sector of Urban Air Mobility and new business opportunities as well as risks and challenges for operators and manufacturers.
  • Commercial UAV Expo: How Will European Drone Regulation Impact UTM, U Space and Enterprise Fleet Management
    Flight Crowd joined this webinar to discuss the evolution of European drone regulations, and what this means for operators across the continent looking to develop commercial drone programs.
  • Future Flight Fridays: Women in Future Flight
    Aligning with International Women's Day, this session brought together the Future Flight community to discuss both the challenges and opportunities for women in aviation. Our Co-Founder Mariya Tarabanovska joined the panel sharing what diversity means to us.
  •  Aeropodium: The Business of UAM
    25 Mar, 15:00
    Online Conference
    Flight Crowd supported another amazing event by the Aeropodium: 'The Business of UAM: eVTOL Vertiports and Multi-Modal Transportation Integration' conference. Our Co-Founder Mariya Tarabanovska was joined by our colleagues from Eve Urban Air Mobility, CIVATAglobal, SMG Consulting and others.