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Young Talent: Share Your Vision — Infrastructure

In December 2021, Flight Crowd held our first ‘Share Your Vision’ virtual workshop with a focus on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) infrastructure. With this initiative, we aim to provide young people with a platform to learn about different aspects of future air mobility, embrace their creativity and share their ideas.

Throughout the day, we had presentations from three fantastic speakers to introduce the students to UAM infrastructure, explain the benefits and challenges of the industry, and highlight the importance of accessibility:

  • Duncan Hopkins (Urban-Air Port)

  • Rob Corbett (Inclusive Flight Advocate)

  • Darrell Swanson (Swanson Aviation Consultancy Ltd.)

Participants were split into teams to brainstorm and develop design solutions for a vertiport (take-off & landing hub for UAM vehicles), responding to our activity brief. Whilst considering location and purpose, participants created sketches and CAD models of their concepts, which they then presented to their peers, the Flight Crowd team and industry professionals.

Take a look at some of their amazing ideas and sketches below!

Credit to our Share Your Vision - Infrastructure workshop participants:

Adam Cook, Alexander MacGregor, Alexander Tysoe, Celeste Gao, James Cotton, Jessica Lee, Matthew Kefford, Mohamed Mohamed, Nicholas Briggs, Polina Harkusha, Quan Liulice, Ross Giannelli, Thomas Sheldon

We received fantastic feedback from the participants, as well as useful suggestions on how to improve the workshop further in the future. Prior to the workshop, under 65% of participants stated that they are likely to consider a career in UAM. In comparison, 80% of participants said that they ‘Agree’ or ‘Strongly Agree’ that as a result of the workshop they are more likely to consider a career in UAM. Overall, 100% would recommend this workshop to their friends.

Participant feedback from the Share Your Vision - Infrastructure workshop

We believe that to be successful, future air mobility requires people of diverse talents, passions and backgrounds to engage with the industry. Therefore, our aim is to empower communities to shape the future of flight!

A huge thank you to the Royal Aeronautical Society for supporting this event and future ‘Share Your Vision’ workshops, which will focus on further aspects of the UAM ecosystem:

  • Vehicle Design & Engineering

  • Public Engagement

More details and updates will be shared here!


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