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Flight Crowd is a global platform for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) experts and enthusiasts focused on shaping the public  perception of the future flight industry.

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At Flight Crowd, we wish to ensure our community members develop and enhance their knowledge of the UAM ecosystem.

Have a look at the variety of literature that we have created for you:


This is a collaborative effort with industry professionals to better express and provide current industry developments to the public audience.

Through various channels, our platform enables the ideas and achievements of individuals to be shared and recognised:

        Boot Camp

Flight Crowd provides our community with the tools to shape the future of UAM, connect with the industry and showcase their work.

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Our outreach projects introduce the community to the UAM ecosystem, encourage them to share their ideas, and inspire the future workforce: 

These initiatives promote future employment prospects within UAM, which incorporate STE(A)M careers. 



20 - 23 March | Valencia, Spain

Flight Crowd is thrilled to announce our media partnership with this year's edition of the eMobility Expo World Congress! This event will help attendees to discover the latest solutions that are transforming the automotive, air and rail sectors; hydrogen, batteries, and charge systems and more!