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Our outreach project ‘UAM - Explore’ introduces school students to UAM by putting the emerging industry into a realistic context.


Our artistic impressions provide an image where all future breeds of mobility work together and integrate with the modern world.


The activity also includes a quiz for students to explore the different career paths within this new industry that they can take.


We believe that in UAM there is a place for people from all backgrounds and interests. Here you can also find interviews from industry professionals, sharing their experience and advice.

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Our UAM Glossary is a collaborative effort from many industry experts. We will be updating it regularly 

so check back later to see what’s new!

If you have suggestions of changes or new terms to be added, or you want to contribute to the project, please email us.

  • Aeropodium: A vision for the future
    Thu, 29 Jul
    Online event
    Further to the success of the previous events, the 5th UAM/AAM virtual conference will explore the latest developments in the sector of Urban and Advanced Air Mobility and new business opportunities. Flight Crowd is excited to support this unique opportunity again.