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Flight Crowd to Collaborate with Varon V

Flight Crowd to collaborate with Varon Vehicles on improving public perception and acceptance of Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Manchester, United Kingdom – April 6th, 2021. Today, Flight Crowd and Varon Vehicles have announced a partnership aimed at positively shaping public perception and acceptance of the future flight industry. Flight Crowd is set to bring their expertise in outreach and educating the general community on the topic of UAM, specifically focusing on the Latin American region. This collaboration will complement Varon Vehicles’ progress of developing their “Infrastructure Networks”, a set of vertiports with virtual lanes over the low altitude city skies connecting them, and fleets of their electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) next generation, “green” aircraft for urban and sub-urban use, servicing between them.


“At Flight Crowd we’re committed to advancing the public interest and perception of Urban Air Mobility”, says James Gill, Co-Founder. “In order to do this effectively, we need to develop strong relationships with the key stakeholders in the industry like Varon Vehicles. By doing so we can build a complete picture of the Urban Air Mobility sector, and our sustainable transport future.” Mariya Tarabanovska, Flight Crowd’s Co-Founder adds, “Public perception is still one of the biggest barriers to mass-scale UAM implementation. We wish to help address any fears or uncertainties the community may have when it comes to understanding the benefits that future flight industry may bring to Latin America.”


Varon Vehicles leads a global ecosystem of stakeholders from the Urban Air Mobility community with the goal of integrating the systems and infrastructure into Latin America, and they are ahead in their implementation plans in Colombia as a first chosen country. Flight Crowd will continue to bridge the gap between the industry and the public, setting sights more internationally.


“Generating the proper public acceptance is paramount at this stage in our nascent industry, and we have the responsibility to plan for it for the coming years”, says Felipe Varon, CEO of Varon Vehicles. “We need to transmit the correct message to decision makers at many levels, from politicians to zoning officers, from civil aviation authority personnel to communities, about what it is that we’re really doing, why it’s safe and what the values are for socio-economic development. Flight Crowd makes an extremely valuable partner to tackle this purpose as they can bring forth the tools for successful communication and education strategies”.


Flight Crowd is an Urban Air Mobility Community. It aims to both educate and grow the wider public interest in the mobility industry through a variety of programs and projects. Contact James Gill, Co-Founder,, or Mariya Tarabanovska, Co-Founder,,


Varon Vehicles Corporation is a disruptive mobility infrastructure company. It is implementing Urban Air Mobility with the new generation of electric aviation (eVTOLs) to provide radically new urban transportation services. Contact Felipe Varon, CEO,,

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